This review contains Spoilers

This is a review of the Aladdin 2019 live action.

MPAA Rating PG.

I’ll be talking about how close it is to the Disney cartoon and content guidelines.

True to the Story

As much as they could of in a live action version of the cartoon, I think they did a really good job. Although they did replace the the giant cobra Jafar turned into in the cartoon with a giant version of Iago instead.

I’m thinking it’s because they wanted this to be more of a family friendly kids movie and a giant CGI cobra might have been to scary for a younger audience.

Also, in the cartoon, Aladdin and Jafar get into the Cave of Wonders with a Scarab. But in the movie, Aladdin just walks in.

Also, we get a small back story that Jafar was once a thief like Aladdin.


The story and plot of course remains the same as the cartoon but, the live action seemed like it was more about Jasmine than it was Aladdin in the movie.

Through the movie, several scenes were about Jasmine not getting the respect or appreciation that she should because of being a woman.


When the movie first started, it was a little slow. But a little bit into the movie the action started to pick up.

Especially when Genie, played by Will Smith, came on the scene. Which I thought Will Smith did a good job playing Genie. It didn’t seem like he tried to copy Robin Williams version of Genie. It was like he had his own version of Genie that worked very well.


Like the cartoon, Aladdin has magic, Genies & Folklore.

But none of this comes off as occult.

There is also the part at the end when Jafar, instead of asking to be a “all powerful Genie” he asks to be the

“most powerful being in the universe”

And Genie responds,

“there’s a lot of gray area in that”

So Genie decides to made Jafar a genie.

For those who might wonder if this is saying that a “genie” is the most powerful being, I think that’s why Genie said “there’s a lot of gray area in that”. Of course, those of us in the Christian faith know that God is the most powerful being.

There is also no bad language or crude humor in the movie which is a huge plus nowadays. Far to often a good movie is ruined because of crudities or bad language.

What can You Learn from the Movie?

As mentioned above about the movie being more about Jasmine, we can learn from the movie that just because someone is a female, that doesn’t discredit them their authority in a certain place or make them any less trustworthy.

There is also a line that Genie says when Aladdin first discovers the lamp and Genie is asking for Aladdin’s first wish.

Genie says

“Now, I usually don’t have to go through all this, because by the time the guy gets to me, he pretty much knows what he wants, and it generally has to do with tons of money and power. Do me a favor, do not drink from that cup. I promise you, there’s not enough money and power on earth for you to be satisfied. Good?”

Which has a real life meaning. That no matter how much money you have, you will never be truly happy because happiness doesn’t come from things or money.


Overall, I that this Live Action version of Aladdin was done really well.

It was a nice family film that I think the whole family can enjoy.

There was no bad language, no inappropriate themes and no gore.

Release Date

Accourding to Aladdin releases on Digital August 27th 2019 and on Blu-Ray™ September 10th.