Dr. Mario World is Just What the Dr. Ordered! – Review

Screenshot from Game. ©2019 Nintendo Co-Developed by LINE and NHN

I don’t play very many Android apps, but since Nintendo started making mobile apps, I thought I’d check out the Dr. Mario World Android app.

First, I’ll start by saying this version of Dr Mario is not the Tetris style game like on the NES. But, it’s almost like an “upside down Tetris”. Where instead of the pills falling downward, they float upward towards the viruses and you can flip and direct the pills to go almost wherever you want them to.

What’s Changed from the Original Dr. Mario NES?

Apart from the above gameplay mechanics, you can also play as different Dr’s like, Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi, Dr. Peach and even Dr. Bowser and more Dr’s being added like Dr. Rosalina and Dr. Luma who were just added. Also, each of the Dr’s have their own special ability that they can use to help clear the viruses.

Apart from the Dr’s, you can also have Assistants, who also have different abilities to help clear the viruses. These Assistants range from good guys to Bowser’s baddies and like the new Dr’s Rosalina and Luma, new Assistants were also added that included, Star Bunny, Honey Queen, Octoomba & Bomb Boo.

To anyone who likes to play casual puzzle games, I would highly recommend Dr. Mario World. it’s just as the title says,

Just what the Dr. Ordered.

Originality – 8 out of 8-bits

Dr. Mario World is not a Tetris copy, nor is there any other game I’ve seen like it.

Replay Value – 8 out of 8-bits

Dr. Mario World has levels and features that are currently being added to help keep people engaged and coming back to play for hours.

Gameplay (Ease of Play and Funness) – 8 out of 8-bits

Dr. Mario World is played in small levels that are not too hard (currently) and not too easy either and I don’t feel like quitting the game because I can’t get through a level or get bored.

Content – 8 out of 8-bits

There is nothing in Dr. Mario World, that should make not want their children to play this game. It’s completely clean! Except for the viruses of course.

Dr. Mario World get’s a rating of 8 out of 8-bits from me!

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