More info on the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Pin Set Appears as Indicated with ebay Sales

I didn’t create this petition, but please sign it so we can hopefully get Nintendo’s attention:

I was going to leave this topic alone and try to not talk about it anymore, but, after further research, new questions and concerns have come up about the redemption of the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Pin Sets #1.

It takes a lot for me to say this, as I’m a huge Nintendo Super Mario fan. But, unless things clear up and more information is known, I won’t be even be buying the pin set.

As I don’t want to support this unethical movement that is happening with people on ebay taking advantage of the true Super Mario fans.

Something that I keep thinking about, is If you look on ebay and see the amount of pin sets for sale, you know that if you’re a fan of Mario and truly wanted the pin set, you wouldn’t sell your only set.

Which leaves only one explanation. The majority of the pin sets for sale on ebay are unethically obtained by creating multiple accounts using bots and even buying multiple copies of Super Mario 3D Allstars to do so. As buying the game was a requirement to redeem the pin set.

I had a confrontation from an ebay seller (username witheld) on Twitter (username hidden for privacy) who somehow got 5 pin sets. They tried to disguise their identity by trying to defend themselves in the third person. They eventually exposed themselves by posting the same photo they used on ebay for selling their pin sets. They also said they were selling the pin sets for their “girlfriend” and “buddy.”

They are currently selling 2 pin sets now, as the other 3 have probably already sold.

How they got 5, I don’t know. Granted I know Nintendo probably didn’t send 5 to the same address, but I don’t know. It could have been a glitch in the system.

Also, if you do an advanced search on ebay showing only sold items by a specific seller, the results show that the seller has SOLD 22 pin sets.

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong, if 1 person was able to get 22 pin sets and is selling them on ebay for $70 to $100.

Some of the listings do have the same photo and title, but they are still on the sold page as a listing.

It’s people like this person who took all the pin sets and are selling them on ebay for an average of $100 a set.

People say that these pin sets are “not important” but, in fact, they are important to true Nintendo fans/supporters who feel they have been done dirty by these people who literally have stolen these pin sets and are forcing the true fans to pay $100s for a pin set they could have gotten free if they would have been notified properly by Nintendo of the earlier claim period.

This type of action should be considered illegal. As this is very close to extortion. By sellers on ebay demanding these high amounts. Not Nintendo, who is the innocent by stander might I add.

If only people who have this type of ability would use it for something constructive instead of taking advantage of collectors and people who truly want to buy something to keep for themselves things like this wouldn’t happen so often.

What do you think about all of this? Do you think that the majority of people who redeemed the pin set are people who made multiple accounts just to sell them on ebay? If you look at the amounts being sold on ebay the results say that might be the case.

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