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My experience with this controller has been good. Although there are a few things that are probably just personal preference though.

This Pro Controller retails for $49.99.

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The controller has a matte like feel and finish with a spots pattern.

It also features a Mario silhouette.

This Pro Controller would also be cool to display on a shelf.

The front of the controller is red and the buttons and thumbsticks are black with a metallic like red D-Pad. The bar buttons are red and the back is black.


I like how big and sturdy this controller feels in hand while holding it. It’s not to small and not too huge.

The thumbsticks are a good normal size compared to the average controller and they have a small indention to rest your thumb in which makes intense gaming more fluid.

I also like the fact that this Pro Controller has a AA battery compartment instead of being rechargeable. That way if the batteries go down, you don’t have to stop using it to charge it. You just get more batteries.

Kinda like the Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance in the 90’s. I went though batteries like no body’s business.

Also, as an added plus with the battery compartment, if you do like rechargeable batteries, you can still by the rechargeable AA so you don’t have to stock up on batteries like I did all the time.


This particular Pro Controller has extra buttons that you can program to use like any of the other buttons on the controller.

I haven’t used this feature yet, but, it may come in handy for some games.

This is also a wireless controller which makes long distance gaming possible.

Also, this Pro Controller doesn’t have HD Rumble.


Overall, I do think this is a good Pro Controller. It feels sturdy in the hand, is wireless and has interchangeable batteries which can either be rechargeable or not, depending on your preference.

I’ve rated the Pro Controller in 5 different categories with a maximum score of 8-Bits.

Size 8/8 out of 8-Bits

The size and feel of the Pro Controller is sturdy and feels well made.

Design 8/8 out of 8-Bit’s

This design features a Mario silhouette which makes displaying this Pro Controller a cool item for controller collection.

The flat design and matte finish makes it where you can see the design easily and is not too shiny.

Comfort 8/8 out of 8-Bits

The size of the Pro Controller is not overly big or small where you can’t access the buttons easily.

Features 8/8 out of 8-Bits

This pro Controller has both Motion and Rumble, is wireless and has extra programmable buttons.

Has interchangeable batteries with can either be rechargeable or not, depending on your preference.

Convenience 8/8 out of 8-Bits

This is a wireless controller which makes long distance gaming possible.

Total 8 out 8-Bits

Thank you for reading this review of the PowerA Mario Nintendo Switch Wireless Pro Controller!

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