This E3 2019 Nintendo Direct Changed My Way of Thinking about Games

Like many people, I was excited and expecting to see lots of cool game announcements by Nintendo in their E3 Nintendo Direct. and like many people I was excited about some of the games featured in the Nintendo Direct. but, I was also a little disappointed by games that weren’t shown in the E3 Nintendo Direct.

But, after watching the following Nintendo Treehouse, my views and expectations changed.

Watching the Nintendo Staff and developers show and play their games was somewhat of a humbling experience. Me being a game developer myself, I know what it’s like to develop a game and how hard it is sometimes and seeing the Nintendo Staff and developers finally get to show off their games was a reward in itself.

I know how I felt when I finally got to announce a game I’ve been working on for several months. It was a feeling of accomplishment, and on a larger scale, Staff and developers must feel an even greater accomplishment whenever they get to announce a game that’s been in development for months even years.

The biggest thing I noticed, was the smiles on the faces of the Nintendo Staff and developers as they explained their games and happiness showed.

It was like I even felt their happiness and excitement.

Three of the happiest people I noticed were Mr. Miyamoto, Mr. Aonuma, Mr. Tezuka & Mr. Takahashi.

Now that E3 2019 is over, I look at games a different way. I don’t necessarily keep thinking about what Nintendo doesn’t remake a certain game or why they don’t do this or that.

I actually have a grateful attitude when Nintendo does announce development of a game I’ve been waiting to here about or finally play.

Because when it finally comes down to it, Nintendo may have other things planned than what “I want” or what “I would like to see”. Also, Nintendo (even if they already are) can’t all at once announce games that people have been wanting to hear about are actually being developed. Because if they did that, where would the excitement be? and what else would people have to look forward to? If everything is announced all at once?

We as gamers should also take this into account and really have more respect for the Nintendo Staff and developers about what they are working on and have planned.