Toy Story 4 – Movie Review

This review contains Spoilers

This is a review of Toy Story 4.

MPAA Rating G.

I’ll be talking about how I like the movie my opinions and content guidelines.

The movie starts off with a recap of what’s happened since Andy grew up and Woody and Buzz were given to a new owner and when Bo Peep was sent to a Pawn Shop. Although Woody wanted to save her, Bo Peep said it was ok and she wanted to go.

Afterwards, Woody’s new owner Bonnie, is getting ready for kindergarten and is scared, so Woody and gang try to come up with a plan to make her first day great. So Woody sneaks into her backpack to secretly help her out on her first day in kindergarten.

After getting there, she gets set at a table for making crafts and none of the other kids seem to have anything to do with her and in fact, take the craft supplies from her table. But Woody secretly gets some craft supplies that were dropped by the other kids and gets some paper and other items out of the trash and sets them on her table for her to see. Upon seeing them, she makes a new friend named Forky.

After getting back home, Woody explains how her day went and that she made a new friend. When Woody shows Forky to everyone, Forky keeps thinking he’s “trash” and keeps trying to jump in trash cans wherever he can find them.

Bonnie’s mother and dad go on a road trip and she wants to take Forky along. So in order to keep Forky from getting into trash, Woody, Buzz and some of the gang come along to aid Woody in protecting Forky.

And guess what? Along the way Forky jumps out the RV window to try to get into trash. So Woody volunteers to go back and find him since they were going to stop at an RV Park and Woody said he could catch up.

This is where most of the movie plot goes, is for Woody and the gang to help protect Forky since he’s the only toy that seemed to help Bonnie get through the first few days of kindergarten.

and here comes the part no one was probably expecting.

In the middle of the move we see that Bo Peep used to be in the Pawn Shop but escaped and she is now a wild toy.

Well, at the end of the movie just when Buzz and gang had rescued Wood from the Pawn Shop and Gabby Gabby, Buzz and Woody try to hurry back to the camper to get Woody back to Bonnie. But, Woody is sad that he would be leaving Bo Peep and when Buzz says “She will be ok.” Woody just looks at Buzz. Then Buzz says “Bonnie will be ok.” Giving Woody the idea that he wants to stay with Bo Peep and become a wild toy.

So the movie ends with Woody and Bo Peep, now both wild toys going on adventures.

Some may say that this is the last Toy Story, but also at the end of the movie, Woody is at a Carnival game helping toys get won by kids until all toys are gone.

Which gives me the idea that, this might be what the next Toy Story movie will be about.

Woody and Bo Peep helping toys to find their place with kids. Sort of what the Rescue Rangers movie is like. Having a Rescue Rangers Society. Only this could be a Toy Rescue Society.

Of course, this is only speculation.




Family Friendliness

I would give Toy Story 4 a 10/10.

Even though the mannequins might be somewhat creepy to kids, I don’t find it that much of a deal.



I would give Toy Story 4 a 10/10 for being a clean movie the whole family can enjoy.

There was no inappropriate language or crude humor.