Want to get $200 Back to Purchase the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5?

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You read that right!

You can get $200 back on your credit card as Reward Points (that be used for a statement credit) if you sign up for a Chase Freedom Flex or Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card and make purchases over $500 within 3 months of being approved!

Plus 0% intro APR for 15 months from account opening. Then 14.99%-24.99% APR

Click here using my referral link to sign up and see the full offer details! Chase freedom Sign Up I get $100 for people who sign up and are approved for a Chase Freedom Flex or Chase Freedom Unlimited Card. It’s a free way to give financial support without even giving a penny! So, why not? Show your fellow gamer some virtual hearts! Which would then go to the 8-Bit Kyle Collectibles Fund. A fund to keep my wallet from yelling every time I see a new Mario collectible.

This is not limited to 1 purchase over $500. You can make $500 in different purchases within 3 months of being approved.

Like said, above, this offer is for a Chase Credit Card, so you can use it anywhere credit cards are accepted to purchase an Xbox Series X or a PlayStation 5!

This is like getting one of the consoles for $300 instead of $500. Plus tax of course.

Or, you could have a shopping spree at GameStop and spend over $500 like a crazy person and get $200 back!

The possibilities are huge!