Yoshi’s Safari SNES – Retro Game Showcase

I got this game back in Oklahoma at I believe, at the time FuncoLand. Which was later replaced by a GameStop.

I didn’t even have a Super Scope 6 yet, and when I was thumbing through the games I saw Yoshi’s Safari. I game I had only heard from my cousin. So I told my mom and we took it up to the counter and ask an employee about it (like whether or not I could play it without the Super Scope) he proceeded to say no, and that the Super Scope would be really hard to find and then he kept asking if we really wanted to buy it. I think it was only like $7 at the time. It had no manual or box.

I hadn’t really been a Nintendo collector like I am now, although i still like Nintendo and was excited whenever I saw something Nintendo. Since when I was growing up, there wasn’t much Nintendo anything, except for games and the internet was just getting started and I didn’t have it yet.

I looked at it for a little bit, and said that I’d still like to buy it and would try and find a Super Scope. We then bought it.

I’m not really sure how long I had the game before I got a Super Scope. But I got a Super Scope by my mom looking for it on ebay several years later when the internet was a lot bigger and dial-up wasn’t the only way to access the internet. I think she paid around $35 for it and everything seemed to work with it and I finally got to play Yoshi’s Safari.

Now I’m on the look out for a mint condition Yoshi’s Safari box and manual.

Now with the internet, this would seem like an easy task, but with all the Yoshi’s Safari listings on ebay and other places, you need to be cautious of who and where you buy from, because that’s one of the drawbacks of the internet is that even though you have all these stores and listing at your finger tips, you can’t see or touch any of the games that you would want to buy online and if you got one that wasn’t described properly then you’d have to contact the seller or website to get your money back. But that is not to say that online individuals and stores can’t be trusted. Just be careful where you shop and be sure you trust the retailer.

Also, my opinion is that it’s usually better to find individuals and independent stores online when searching for rare games, since you may not find rare games at national chain used games stores. If you have them around where you live, I recommend finding locally owned used game stores when searching in person for rare games. As they would most likely be the ones to go to for rare, hard to find and import games.

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